Gaya District - lies within the state of Bihar with a total population of about 500000 people. At present Gaya is the only cosmopolitan city in the state of Bihar and it occupies a position of great importance not only within Bihar but also to the adjoining states. The city is connected with the main railway head and national High way runs through the city. The only Airport is situated in Gaya.

Besides the various companies which operate from the city makes the cosmopolitan city susceptible to various health hazards like heavy pollution explosion, environmental pollution and anti-social activities such as extortion, killings, robbery, drug trafficking, immoral activities, child abuse & HIV /AIDS and exploitation of marginal class society by the upper strata of the society.

Our Mission
Our Misson is Dedicated to Improve the lives of Children throughtout the.

  • 90% of inhabitants living below poverty line.
  • A mixed ethnic group with large number of illegal / legal immigrants from neighboring states.
  • Having prevalence of prostitutes with a recognized red light area where women, young girls and children are into commercial sex trade.
  • Having the highest number of wine brewers, alcohol consumers, drug pushers and traffickers.
  • Having children employed by elderly people in anti- socio moral activities like drug trafficking, stealing foods stuff in goods train.
  • Having the highest number of illiteracy.
  • Having no development infrastructure, no safety drinking water, poor drainage system.
  • Having large dumping area and poor sanitation.
  • Having highest rate of malnutrition and deplorable health conditions with high incidence of various sickness and disease.
  • Children working for the sake of their own survival and for their own families.
  • Having the highest number of labour such as street vendors, tea stall, and motor garage. Fish and vegetable vendor etc.
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